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My Q&A! If you want me to answer more questions, leave them in the comments of my last post!

♡My Q&A!♡

Note: If I get more questions, I’ll edit this post and answer them! So be sure to leave your questions on my last post! Please do not leave your questions here! Thank you. Also I will skip questions I already answered!

Questions 1-5 are from @btsismybias Questions 6-7 are from @caldafox Questions 8-11 are from @weeb_boi Questions 12-16 are from @saki6 Questions 17-18 are from @creepy_lauren

1. What's your favorite fruit? -I have lots of favorite fruits but my main is strawberries.🍓 2. Do you like BTS? -Sorry, I don’t listen to their music. I still think they’re a pretty cool group and I have great respect for the fact that they tweeted about #BLM, I like that.

3. Favorite song? -That’s hard, I like a lot of music and it kinda depends on my mood at times. But the type of music I like at the moment is really chill. I really love IGOR and most of the songs from Flower Boy (both by Tyler, the Creator). Please listen to them. I’m also into lofi hip-hop and other chill genres of music. CHECK OUT MY PLAYLIST I LINKED IN THE COMMENTS!

4. Any pets? -Sadly, no. I want a puppy or a kitten though! 5. If you could ask your past self one thing, what would it be? -“What do you think you’ll be like in the future?” and then proceed to explain how much of a failure I am.

6. Do you have your own devices? -Yes, I do, I just don’t have my phone or my old iPad at the moment. I’m currently using my school tablet. Also that sucks you don’t have your own devices, hope you can get one. 7. Do you have any siblings? -A LOT.

8. Do you like GOATS? -Yeah, I guess. Their eyes kinda freak me out though. 9. Have you ever regretted something extremely? -Yes, a lot of times. 10. Do you like anime? -Used to. 11. Do you like cheese? -Depends on the kind.

12. What breed of dog or cat would you get? –My favorite dog breeds are Pomeranians, huskies, and Corgis. My favorite cat breed is the Scottish Straight! 13. Favorite color? -Pastel colors, mainly pink. 14. Favorite sibling? -Depends on my mood/ what they do. Right now I’d say all.

15. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? -Paris or Hawaii. 16. If you had to eat something for the rest of your life (without getting sick from it or something like that), what would you eat? -I guess sweet foods like cake. I love cake.

17. What is your fav movie? -I have a lot of movies I like so that’s hard. But I really like The Sound of Music. That movie is a masterpiece. 18. What would you do if someone you loved disappears? -Definitely investigate and spread awareness. Also cry and pray they’re safe!

19. What would you do if you found your mother dead? -Call the police. No matter what she did to me, it will still end in me being devastated. 20. Since how many years are you writing? (from @hiwatari) -Uhh, long time I guess, although I doubt I was good in the beginning. Maybe since 5? I started writing poems at age 7.

21. What’s your favorite animal? (from @musical_mutt) -I like jellyfish. I have many favorite animals, but the ones on my list are the ones I think look cool or can interact with. Besides cats and dogs, I’d say jellyfish.

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