Mr. Puppet Master
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vxnillamochi i need a bad bleep uh addison rae
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another symbolism poem.

Mr. Puppet Master

NOTE: This is another symbolism poem that represents an extremely dark and disturbing topic. Feel free to try and interpret the meaning, but it is extremely disturbing. You have been warned. Also comment what you think it’s about! I’d like to here how you guys interpret this.

you put on a mask and look to the crowd put on your show and smile as you hear them scream loud little do they know the things you do backstage there’s more to the plot in this storybook, there’s a hidden page

they’re puppets on strings, whether they know it or not each enslaved to the system you created and I bet you love it lot forced to watch this show you put on for them blinded by ignorance and you use your privilege to do such sinful things behind those little curtains

each day you buy new puppets to fulfill your desires you don’t care if they’re scared and you don’t feel guilt for being a liar you know it’s wrong and I know you do it for pleasure but the amount of cruelty in your heart is something I can’t measure

you do this to them cuz you’re sick in the head if they tell anyone, you threaten they’ll end up dead and when you’re finished, you fix up your clothes every piece of evidence diminished, except for the scars those children hold.

little do you know there are few few who see what you do behind closed doors few who know the truth about you and those little curtains won’t protect you anymore, Mr. Puppet Master

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