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the whispers of materialism. a poem.


“get plastic, not real skin change the outside rather than within a broken heart doesn’t matter, and sure, your life’s falling apart, but after some drinks, it’s just a blur

money, fame, got this and that just remove your extra skin so you don’t get fat! bought something good? wait, there’s something new just another million dollars, thank you!

get new clothes and purses just to lock up in a closet you’ve got so much money, no need to deposit

buy a third house, or a new car to drive to a place that’s not even far! look at all the wonderful things to do, see what money can provide for you?

no, don’t stop! what do you mean you’re not happy? it’s fine, buy more clothes at least you’ll look snappy

see, you’re pretty rich, but you can do BETTER look at all those other people compared to them, you look like a beggar

i’m in control now you’re just a puppet on strings i speak to you everyday, that you’re not good enough for anything

now you wanna die? no you don’t, just SPEND! fame, money, and looks are all like medicine, they’ll keep you from wanting your life to end!

‘money can’t buy happiness’ such a lie! life is worthless when you don’t BUY!”

‘money can’t buy happiness’ such a lie! life is worthless when you don’t BUY!” -the whispers of materialism

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