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making a commaful gang commaful gang stories

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just your average friendly neighborhood internet gang


making a commaful gang

hello everyone so as you can see i have a lovely picture of a husky stuck in a coconut tree for some reason but here i hope to start the first major GANG on commaful called the COCONUTS dedicated to this dog.

together we can be STRONG and make great movements. all you have to do to join is: comment “joined” and you’re in. following is optional, i was gonna make that a step but thats if you're real dedicated. you can even add this coconut emoji 🥥 to your description if you want to be recognized!

now, what are the benefits of this gang you may ask. well: -you can get a really cute pfp -you can spread the news -you can get monthly announcements about new features/ members -you might get a shoutout -you can move up your rank -secret benefit! join to know!

ranks: 1. coconut -normal member 2. cooler coconut -get an occasional shoutout in each announcement 3. coconut tree -all the above, i follow you, and you can help make missions

things you can do to rank up: •cooler coconut -recruit 5 new members -make posts about the gang tagging “COCONUT gang” •coconut tree only i decide that but the best way to increase your chances is to post about gang on other socials, follow me, etc.

if you do join, remember: -do the proper steps -spread the word -click on the “COCONUT gang” tag to see if there’s any new announcements

rules: -no bullying -no mean people -treat everyone with respect We’ll be the strongest gang there is on Commaful. now go blow this post up lol

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