@introvertwriter has disappeared
@introvertwriter has disappeared @introvertwriter stories

vxnillamochi 🎀 she/her 🎀
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I'm sorry if I'm overstepping boundaries. I want to pour my heart out for her.

Honestly, I'm just a dumb kid who doesn't know much about depression but this is all the support I can give you.

@introvertwriter has disappeared

Her account is deleted, but I heard someone talked to her on Discord. If that one person could reach out to her for me and others, it'd be greatly appreciated. Or if you could ask her if it's alright for us to talk to her. I have Discord and I would love to talk to her there but only with her permission. I wouldn't wanna disturb her. Thank you.

@introvertwriter: Please know that you are loved by us and are worthy of happiness. You are STRONG and I'm sure you've written amazing things. You have my support and so many others too. Life is hard but you work harder.

You are talented, amazing, beautiful, loved. Words can't cheer you up and I wish I could just take all your suffering away but I can't. I wish I could but I just can't, not even through words. But let these words surrond you with the thoughts that you are deserving of support, joy, and friendship.

Look at yourself. Please do. The fact that you're still HERE despite what you've gone through shows that you are a strong human being. Please keep going. If not for you, then for everyone arond you.

And it's easy for me to say that when I haven't even known what you're going through or why. But I'm here for you. I will be by your side, and if you want me to go away, I will. Depression isn't easy and it's hard to comfort people who are going through so much.

You are so beautiful. I wish I could just tell you that in person. You are so, so beautiful. And it's not just me who agrees. We want you to keep going.

This is the best of my ability. This is all my words can offer. I’ve even used some from others too. This is all I can express through language. But I want you to experience love and warmth and comfort that's far beyond you've ever thought you could know.

I wish I could send you the love of a thousand hugs and just tell you it's gonna be okay. I wish I could send the whole planet to get you out of the darkness.

I just want you to be okay so badly... I wish I could snap my fingers and you'd be fine. I wish I could do something that could rid of your sadness forever.

I don't know how long you've been going through this. Nor do I know why. Although I cannot offer my understanding, I will offer the most love and support I can give you.


We are by your side. Here for you. Each of us cares so much.

Now, before this post ends, I just want to tell you some more things: One is that you really need to talk to a close, trusted person in your life. If you haven't already, seek professinal help. It'll be for the better. If you are already, that's great. You're making so much progress.

And the last thing here to say is- We love you. So, so much.

Can all of you please leave comments for her? Thank you.

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