୨୧ how to pronounce my username ୨୧
୨୧ how to pronounce my username ୨୧ pronouniation stories

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a guide on how to pronounce my username and what it means ✨

୨୧ how to pronounce my username ୨୧

my username is actually the same as my roblox one. it was originally planned to be: vanillamochi but that username was taken so i stuck with vxnillamochi and i decided to keep it, not only for my roblox profile but also for commaful.

here’s some more information on what my username actually means: mo·chi /ˈmōCHē/ noun a short-grained, sweet, glutinous rice with a high starch content, used in Japanese cooking

basically mochi is a japanese dessert that has this kinda flourish layer around it and inside is ice cream. this picture is what vanilla mochi looks like, and there’s are many other flavors too.

there are actually 2 ways to pronounce my username. •english version: vxnilla: pronounced vanilla mochi: pronounced mo-chee •japanese version: vanilla: pronounced ba-nee-ra mochi: pronounced mo-chee you can choose either one, vanilla mocha or banira mochi. i hope this helped ^_^

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