🌼Fun Facts about the Characters of Bloom🌼
🌼Fun Facts about the Characters of Bloom🌼 fun-facts stories

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Fun Facts about my Original Characters!

🌼Fun Facts about the Characters of Bloom🌼

#1. Every person alive right now is actually older than all of my characters! They’re born in the future (EX. Blume is born in 2025), so even if you’re a kid now you’re older! #2. Blume’s birthday is one day behind mine! I was born April 12, and she’s born on April 11. #3. Comet didn’t really have an actual name for months! Then I stuck with this :P

#4. Lavender’s name used to be Honeycomb but I changed it. I think it sounds much more fitting. (Also there’s a lot of names that are already related to the color yellow.) #5. Comet was made because my friend agreed to collab on our characters, but he changed his mind. So I just made the boy character myself (btw he wears fingerless gloves but don’t tell anyone I stole that

from my friend shhh). #6. Lemon-Drop is kinda based on the character Garnet from Steven Universe (I don’t actually watch it I’ve seen soooo many clips but I wanna). #7. Peppermint’s comfort design has cute accessories and candy in her hair :3 #8. The first time I drew Blume was when I drew a girl with

puffy blonde hair, a flower eye, a blue cloudy sweater, and big white skirt with the quote “Don’t be dramatic.” I liked it a lot and she became an actual character. The picture I posted was actually a old redraw. Also if you look at the drawing she has this kind of falling in love eye with hearts... I though it was really cute (next page is the pic for you to see it)


Anyways thanks for reading! Comment if you’d want more I guess!

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