First Mission of the Gang (if you’re from a shoutout, PLEASE read)
First Mission of the Gang (if you’re from a shoutout, PLEASE read)  coconut gang stories

vxnillamochi i need a bad bleep uh addison rae
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First Mission of the Gang (if you’re from a shoutout, PLEASE read)

It’s honestly ridiculous I have to put this up but whatever: If you’re reading this from the shoutout saying to keep your account safe and be careful of getting hacked because of this, that is misinformation. We are NOT hacking personal accounts. We are not hacking ANY accounts. Part of this plan is logging into PUBLIC accounts and changing the PFP and description.

(Example of a Public Account: @thelorax) However, we will NOT do so if the owner of the account does not want us to change the profile picture or description. So PLEASE, do not believe that we’re “hacking” any accounts. It’s simply not true.

Hello, if you’re not a COCONUT, click off.

Alright everyone so today we’ll be doing something super boring

ok so now that they’re gone Hello, coconuts. I present to you all our first mission: Taking over Commaful (for like, a week).

So, what I want you guys to do is just comment coconuts on any post you see. Put a coconut in your description. Change your profile picture to the husky. Don’t worry, this is all temporary. We will officially start taking over Commaful on July 20th- July 28th.

You can screenshot any of these:

And if you’re not a gang member but are still reading this, please help us. I would greatly appreciate it. Seriously, just imagine how weirded out people would be just seeing this dog over and over again in people’s pfps. Blow this thing up! (again, lol)

btw logging into public community accounts and doing this is appreciated too! UNLESS if the creator does not approve (like rules such as “please dont change the pfp) then dont! respect them please!

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