fire alarm -inspired poem-
fire alarm
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vxnillamochi i need a bad bleep uh addison rae
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poetry about those who seek attention through bad behavior.

fire alarm -inspired poem-

note: this poem is inspired by "fire drill", a song by melanie martinez about a similar topic. please go listen to it. several verses are inspired by it. this poem is dedicated to those who seek attention through bad behavior. you know who you are.

another day, another fight as you sit behind your screen you'll be there day and night you seem to be very keen you sit, watch, and judge people you don't even know you do all you can to smudge the reputation of your foe

smiling at them fall you love the hate you get you don't feel bad for hurting others at all its something you don't regret you bully kids for fun and when you think nobody is looking you pull the fire alarm and run cuz the truth is something you love crooking

"hurry out the building!" you scream, "theres a fire!" but you're just desperate for some attention and we know you're a liar i ask for you to reflect since you got this far since no amount of words i say can change who you are

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