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vxnillamochi why do i even try
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dumb vent

I am so emotionally exhausted I just wanna take a break from life for a while I wish I could just stop time and just relax and let all my feelings out and now I’m just upset because I know it’s my fault it’s my fault why I’m so tired and overwhelmed

because i didn’t do my work I couldn’t push it out my mood keeps switching I’m just drained. I doubt words could describe how I feel right now.

sometimes I wish I could just let go of everything and breath. for a year or two. leave me alone. stop talking to me. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to hurt you.

I just want some s p a c e sinceeverythinghasbeenkindatightlately.i’dreallyappreciateit.

I really don’t know where this I’m with post... going or my life is general.

but all I wanted to say in this post is: ... I actually don’t know I’m sorry, this post is a mess it’s complicated for me I'm just gonna end this post now.

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