🌼Bloom: an Original Story🌼
 🌼Bloom: an Original Story🌼
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Bloom is a take about a girl who is infected with a parasite and forgets who she is. One day, it will take over her body and destroy her. How will her and her friends find a cure in time?

🌼Bloom: an Original Story🌼

Blume is a story I made with my Original Characters that I have made and developed for a very long time that takes place in the future. The story is extremely long so it will take a while for me to even type out some of this stuff, but I’d like to give a summary of my characters and a basic description of the plot first.

PLOT Blume is a story about a girl named Florence Lovelace who was infected with a flower-like parasite and forgot everything about who she was and is renamed Blume after coming in contact with a field of mysterious flowers. She is found by a scientist named Comet who happened to be running experiments with the substance. Comet decides to

help her and they get back to his lab. He discovers the parasite can become life threatening and even contagious if it grows for many years. Effects of the virus are flowers growing on parts on the body. The more infected you are, the more flowers on your body. When the virus finally takes over someone, they will become like a zombie who’s only mission is to carry out the virus and kill others,

Blume and Comet also go on investigations, and try to find out if this virus is carried by anyone else. Turns out they find a girl named Lemon-Drop who was infected as a child and was sick ever since. She was used as a government test experiment hidden for years who would be tortured in order to find new information about the virus. Comet and Blume sneak her out and are able to bring her back to their

home. After some years later they also meet Peppermint and Lavender, 2 sisters. Peppermint has some kind of mysterious connection with Blume and seems to be her alter-ego.

This is just to get some imagery in your head about what the infected people look like (NOT MINE)

Not much information will be released unless I decide otherwise for now. I don’t wanna give out spoilers! More info about my characters will be shown as well as drawings probably in my next post or of I edit this one. I know it sounds boring now, but I can guarantee it gets super good later on! (Seriously, this thing is long.) Thanks for reading!

Attention: New information about my OCs is now posted! If you’d like to learn more about them, please check out the story on my profile.

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