🌼Bloom🌼 Chapter 7: Awakening
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Chapter 7 of Bloom. Blume wakes up at night to find more information about her sickness and things soon take a dark turn...

🌼Bloom🌼 Chapter 7: Awakening

♡Chapter 7: Something's Off♡ (Blume’s Flashback)

I couldn't believe what I had just heard from you. Remember when I was freaking out? Yeah, sorry you had to go through that. When I woke up, it felt so strange.

For a moment I forgot where I was. I could tell it was late by how I couldn't see a thing in the pitch black darkness. Even you were asleep. So it was pretty late.

"How long was I asleep for? I mean... I went to bed during the afternoon... Was I really asleep for that long?"

Then I noticed something weird happen. My head felt like it was spinning and my skin hurt so much. It felt like a slight burning.

Little did I know it was only the beginning of the symptoms. And that was just one of them. My left eye (was it even that anymore?) started to hurt too.

I sat up from the couch I was sleeping on and tried to get up. Fortunately, I don't feel symptoms that intense, or at least not often anymore, but at the time it felt so painful to go through.

I tried walking. I didn't know how pacing back and forth was going to help me but I did it for a while. Obviously, I didn't wanna wake you up... but it was kinda necessary.

I decided against it, though. I just met you yesterday, it'd be rude. Instead I decided to look around the lab.

I did yesterday, but I wanted to explore some more. Detective boards were everywhere, and files scattered upon each desk. Empty mugs of coffee were almost everywhere.

Weird looking liquids and chemicals of odd colors were very common too.

And not to mention the countless scrapped blueprints and inventions of things I didn't think deserved to be thrown out like garbage. All the while, I was still feeling some pain.

I really wanted to tell you, but I started getting kinda scared.

"What if when I tell him it's something really bad? Maybe I'm better off not knowing? It could be nothing... I don't even know if this thing is related to my sickness..."

And that's when I found the exact desk you were working on last afternoon.

It was very wrong of me to go looking in your private things, especially things related to your work, but I just wanted to find out more about what I was feeling,

and possibly the parasite itself.

First I wanted to Google what this parasite was. I found a laptop and it was already open so I decided to use that. To my surprise, there were no results corresponding to it.

Just pictures and information of flowers and parasites on animals and humans, but none even similar to mine. So I decided to look through your research instead.

It was very clear you were a scientist, so you probably knew something more about this.

I looked on the desk. The papers were located right on the desk but they were a bit hard to read. You put in a lot of fancy words in your reports. Blah blah blah, weird parasites...

where's mine? I skimmed through them looking for an answer when I finally found something. It was like a journal that you'd write in time to time:

"DAY 1: Nothing interesting. Just flowers. Each bright yellow with many petals and a bright core. The ground beneath it is extremely rough and bumpy."

"DAY 2: This time I picked up a sample with some gloves. I'm keeping it in a pot for now. Wonder how it'll do... it's a very beautiful flower."

I skipped through some of the days. (Seriously, there were a lot). And then I found something weird:

"DAY 16: These are the fastest growing things I've ever seen. How did they grow so quickly? I guess it doesn't need much to survive well."

And slowly things were becoming more and more strange.

"DAY 25: Weird looking thing now... growing on pretty much everything I have..."

"DAY 41: It's literally growing on other plants... how is this possible? It's just a plant. Is this even real?"

"DAY 98: The other plant is dead. This flower might be killing other plants... I'm not sure."

"DAY 107: I think I'm going crazy. That thing is not a plant. It's something else..."

"DAY 164: I met a girl today in the field unprotected. Is she gonna be alright? I'm seriously scared and I don't know what to do."

"DAY 164: It's growing. On her..... what's gonna happen to her?"

Chills ran down my spine when I read that. That must've been yesterday...

I immediately went back to pacing back and forth by the couch. I was so caught up in my pacing that I didn't realize my pain had stopped. I eventually went back to bed.

But I couldn't help wondering....

What really is going to happen to me?

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