🌼Bloom🌼 Chapter 4: Far, Far Away
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Chapter 4 of Bloom. Comet’s news of leaving to a new university leaves Blume feeling uneasy.

🌼Bloom🌼 Chapter 4: Far, Far Away

♡Chapter 4: Far Far Away♡

"Blume... I have something to tell you."

Those were the first words she heard when Blume picked up Comet's missed call. Comet had tried his best to manage his time well.

He rarely spent it on anything else besides studying or experiments. This had to be important, she thought.

"Umm... what is it? Bad news?"

There was a bit of a pause there. It seemed like centuries to Blume. Comet had finally seemed to find his words and said:

"No, actually. It's a good thing! Just something important I figured to tell you."

"Anything related to your work?"


"Like what?"

"Umm... I'll tell you when you get there, ok? By the way, please come over. Like, right now."

"Sure. Be there in a sec."

"Oh, and one more thing!"


"Take the bus instead."

"OUTSIDE? Why?!"

"You should get used to going outside. You only stay home pretty much all day. The only time you ever go places is through the tele-porters."



"Ughh fine. Take the portal."

"Yay! Thanks."

"Just please hurry!"

As she got dressed, she started to wonder what he meant. 'Why on earth would Comet want me to go outside? I don't even go out most of the year...

' Later that evening, Blume met Comet in his lab.

"What's this...thing about?"

"Well, I have some good news! Guess what?


"I might be going to school!"

"Didn't you already graduate college?"

"Yeah, but I wanted to further expand my knowledge. I really want a master's degree!"

"Cool! Where to?"

"Oh, it's in Michigan. I'll be getting a dorm there! Isn't that cool?"

Blume couldn't really hear him. She was stuck inside her own thoughts. 'Michigan? That's so far away...what am I gonna do? I mean, good for him.

He's getting a good opportunity to further advance in his work. He might even get some recognition for his work too, and he sure deserves it. But...

what am I gonna do? Maybe this is why he wanted me to travel today.. I'm gonna have to get used to this then. But, I don't think I want to...'

She tried to hide her true feelings and forced out a sad smile. "That's great! But you're going away, right?"

"Oh, yeah. For some years. That's kinda why I wanted you to go outside today. You should get used to traveling by yourself since I might not be here to help you out.

Don't worry, I have some ways to help. We can still keep in touch too! Wish I could use the portals there but I don't think they'll approve, heh..."

"Umm, how am I gonna do that?"

"I'll help you. Guide you along the way. And I got you a gift too! You can wear this in public 'cuz a flower for an eye isn't what people see everyday."

He handed her a star-shaped eyepatch. It had some glitter and was a nice bright yellow. Blume squeezed it. 'Was this the last thing Comet'll give me before leaving?'

"This is really cute actually. I like it.. a lot."

"That's great! Hopefully, you'll be okay."

Comet pat his hand on her shoulder.

"Let's go out today and I can teach you some stuff about living alone and going outside!"

That day Comet had taught Blume all about the outside world. How to travel, talk to people, make friends.

You're gonna be gone for a long time. Should I feel happy for you? Like, this is a great opportunity for you. But I'll have no one to talk to at home.

I already don't like talking to others already... I don't know how I'll manage at all.

They went out and took pictures and practiced shopping. Of course there were many mistakes but she seemed to understand at the end of the day.

"I'm pretty sure I'll get in! I've done so much studying and tons of work. Trust me, I'll be alright. And so will you."

Blume stayed silent. She tried to convince herself she was nothing but happy for him, but while she could fool others she couldn't fool herself.

As the day had gone by this news seemed to be more and more upsetting. After arriving back at the lab, Comet decided to speak to her after noticing she was obviously upset.

"Listen, I can talk to you over the hologram. Teach you more stuff. Ok? Does that sound good? I've gotta get my stuff ready to go get my acceptance letter tomorrow."

At this point, she was choking back tears. Her throat was burning.

"Blume.. are you ok?"

At last, she let it all out.

"NO! I'm gonna miss you so MUCH! I can't imagine just living alone with no one to talk to. I KNOW, it's so selfish. I'm happy that you're going to go get a better education.

Believe me, I am. But I don't know what I'd do if I got... really sick. What if this weird flower thing hurts me really badly? I.... I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry that I'm so annoying and stupid and selfish right now. This condition I'm suffering is my own fault anyways. However I know I'm not gonna survive a day without your help.

This thing...could kill me. And you know that the most. What I'm trying to say is, I'm happy that you might be going somewhere new to learn new things.

But I honestly don't think I could ever manage without you. I never go outside, and i have a deadly illness that's taking over my body each and every second.

Weren't we both trying to stop this thing?! Trying to find weird cures, checking up on my health... we've been doing this for years. I can't get used to just being alone.

I'll probably become some kind of government experiment if anyone else finds out! I'm dying, Comet. And you're the only one who can help me."

There was a long silence between the two. She looked down at the ground in embarrassment. And then Comet spoke.

"....I'm so sorry. I should've been here to help you. How stupid am I? I only thought about going to a great new place but never about helping you with what you're going through now.

I don't know what to do now..."

There was a ring at the door. Comet rushed upstairs and received a slip of paper.

"It's here now. It doesn't even matter anyways. I've already made my decision."

Blume ran forward and embraced him. A surprising, but welcomed gesture.

"Well, might as well see what it says." she said.

After ripping open the letter, Comet had read through it and laughed.

"I didn't even get in anyways! Hah, guess I wasn't meant to go in there after all. Maybe I'm just too dumb. Oh well. At least I already made up my mind before reading this.

I would've been devastated if you didn't change my mind."

"I feel terrible. I know you wanted to go..."

"It doesn't matter! I feel like the school would've been kinda expensive anyways. Either way, I doubt I would wanna go there, even if I got in. That's a lot of money."

"I still seriously feel bad. Next time just go, ok? Do what you want."

"Well, this is what I want now. I hate talking to people too. So we'd both be lonely if I went away."

"Are you REALLY sure this is what you want? You could apply to other ones."

"Yes. I'm really sure. And I like more freedom with my work and inventions rather than being given assignments. They're way better cuz I'm smarter."

"Says the one who didn't get in!"

"That's just mean!"

Comet ripped up his letter. And they both laughed.

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