🌼Bloom🌼 Chapter 2: Dreaming
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Chapter 2 of Bloom. Blume finds herself having a strange dream that night... what does it mean?

🌼Bloom🌼 Chapter 2: Dreaming

♡Chapter 2: Dreaming♡ PLEASE READ CHAPTER 1

A howling wind, the rain ticking on her window, and an especially cold night that day had woken Blume up from her peaceful sleep.

With her half-opened eyes and a groggy voice, she reluctantly checked the time on her hand. 4:32am. She didn't usually wear watches, but on this occasion, it turned out to be of use.

She sat up and looked through her window, up to the night sky. It was calm and quiet. Peaceful. The stars lit up the pitch-black abyss, and the crescent moon had a magnificent glow that night.

She paused and looked down. Thought for a bit... and then took a small egg-shaped device out of her pocket. Opened its case, tapped a few buttons, and pressed “call”.

Something happened that night that urged Blume to tell Comet. Something was different today, even more strange than usual. She didn't feel right. Like whatever happened that night was off.

See, Blume has a condition not many know about. A flower virus of some sort... maybe even a parasite if you'd call it that.

Slowly it takes over her body for many years, and it will take over her body slowly each day to carry out its mission, until the last bit of consciousness slips away, never to be found again.

As she made a call for her friend, in her mind, she was rehearsing what to say. She was losing hope, until... someone picked up!

"What?" Comet said as he rubbed his eyes. Obviously he wouldn't be in the best mood after being woken up in the middle of the night.

This was one of his special days where he actually got to take a bit of rest at night instead of work, so he clearly didn't appreciate being taken out of his peaceful state.

"Something happened."

"Something happens everyday, Blume."

"Well, today it's different."

"What's so different about today?"

"I... had a weird dream."

"Seriously? This is why you wake me up? 'Cuz you had a dream that freaked you out? Blume, please just-"

"Wait! Please... I promise it's important."

Comet took a deep sigh. He looked down and pinched the bridge of his nose. Blume wasn't really the type to bother people, even for really important things.

Kinda like the type of person who doesn't say a thing when they get the wrong order and just eat it instead. So Comet knew something had to be upsetting her greatly.

After a long pause, he reluctantly said:

"Get dressed. Come over and let's talk."

She got up and put on her baggy sweater and some jeans. As she had gotten dressed, she kept rehearsing what she had to say in her mind.

She walked over to her tele-porter, enter her location, and left.

When she arrived, she noticed the lights were already flipped on and cups of coffee were already made. 'He must've really woken himself up this time' she thought.

He was already sitting down on a sofa, drinking from a mug. He looked around and saw Blume. He stood up, and said: "Ok, let's just sit and talk for now."

"So, what is it?"

"Well... something weird happened tonight. I had a weird dream."

As trivial as this seemed to Comet at the time, he had kept listening anyways.

"I had a dream, and I think it's connected to... ya know... the thing."


"Well, it starts off with me just waking up. In the field again... and I see these two people... and I say hi."

"... what did they look like?"

This scene was not a dream at all. Rather, it seemed more like a memory from something she saw in the field. While she was there with Comet, she had seen two people there.

Maybe Comet didn't interact with them, but she sure did. There were two figures, two she could not make out an image of and could only see their silhouettes.

She had no idea who these two people were, but one of then had given her a friendly wave, and she had waved back.

As she looked up to talk to Comet, she noticed that, in the corner of her eye, those two mysterious people where gone in a single blink of an eye.

Despite this weird image, she ignored it, and soon forgot. Until her dream.

"Do you remember two people there?"

Comet thought for a bit. Then said:

"Yeah, I do. Not really, and I didn’t interact with them at all, but I just looked at them pretty quickly. I got kinda scared to be honest...

but I just decided to not pay any mind to it because I figured it was just some random people. What's so special about that, though?"

"In my dream, I saw them again. And it was kinda the same thing. But I kept on following them this time. I ran up to them, and once I was about to get a glimpse of them they had left."

"... is there anything else?"

"The flowers... were acting weird. They didn't really act usually. They started...

flashing different colors I guess? And the weird thing was when I was running up to them the flowers kept growing on my arms as I kept going faster and faster.

It looked like I would get covered in them..."

Blume stayed silent. So did Comet. They both thought about what this weird dream could mean and how it could be related to her condition.

Could it help better understand her condition and how to cure it? Did it give any clues on the results of the infection? Or was it just bogus and not related to anything at all?

Perhaps a weird nightmare. Whatever the case was, they couldn't figure anything out of it at that time. So Comet just said:

"Let's just... forget about it now."

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