🌼Bloom🌼 Chapter 3: New Place
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Chapter 3 of Bloom. Blume’s flashbacks to first meeting Comet.

🌼Bloom🌼 Chapter 3: New Place

♡Chapter 3: New Place♡ (Blume’s Flashback)

You took me by the hand and guided me out of the field. I couldn't remember anything. I tried to remember something about me, and I expected a wave of memories to crash on me... but nothing.

It was all I could ever think about. It drove me insane. For now, I just had to follow you to... wherever I had to go.

We passed through the weirdest places. The woods, tunnels, and finally arrived at some weird blue pad. It looked... electrical. Small sparks of light came out of it.

You grabbed my hand with a firm grip this time. We stepped onto the pad. "Hold on tight, and close your eyes." Strange instructions, but okay. It feels like being lifted in the air.

Then you told me "Okay, open your eyes." And I realize this place isn't anything like we've come across in the journey. It looks like... a laboratory.

We had gotten there in just a few seconds! "It's a portal" you told me. "It helps me transport to places I need to get to super quick."

I look around this weird place of yours. This must be where you live. There's weird inventions, potions, papers, gadgets, and lab coats everywhere.

At the time, I didn't even know what these things were. They just looked really cool. You had papers scattered everywhere, on the ground, your desks, hung up on the walls too.

You headed towards your desk and slowly I began waking around. I started reading some of these papers you wrote. You wrote about so many things.

Aliens, supernatural powers, parallel universes, fictional diseases.

All of these things and more could be found on the papers you left around, about how you explained they weren't fake and it was true.

It kinda confused me at the time, so I moved on to other things you had worked on. There were weird looking potions and a drink you made called "super-coffee", and there were mugs full of it.

You probably drank this stuff to keep you awake all night. I don't really think that's healthy though.

Strange looking projects were everywhere. Some looked complete, some didn't. A lot of these things were inventions that seemed to be abandoned.

There were other inventions too, like more portals and these special glove things that you would put on and make stuff float.

There was even more stuff, like projectors and holograms and chairs that moved on their own so you could just sit there and travel. This place was big. It was more than that, it was humongous.

I really have no clue how you could work here or even live here. But it was amazing what you could do. Like nothing I'd ever seen.

Then you turned around and looked at me. I turned around and I saw you too. I gave a friendly smile. But I noticed the way you looked at me.

You seem terrified and then pointed towards my left eye with a trembling finger...

"What's wrong?"

And then I realized what it was.

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