Answering Questions about Bloom
Answering Questions about Bloom q&a stories

vxnillamochi “i am done with this planet”
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Doing a Q&A about Bloom

Answering Questions about Bloom

Hey guys! Today I’m making this post to let you guys know some thing about Bloom. Chapter 8 will be coming out either today or tomorrow. I will also be answering questions about the story, so please ask them in the comments! Before asking, read all the chapters published first, so that you are up to date and don’t have to ask questions for the answers already provided in the chapters.

I will not be answering questions about spoilers so don’t be upset if I don’t reply! If there’s more than 3 questions, I’ll make a separate post or edit this one to answer them. Otherwise, I’ll just answer them in the comments. Thank you so much for reading this and supporting Bloom! 🌼

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