Spread Awareness, not Distractions
Spread Awareness, not Distractions rant stories

vxnillamochi “i am done with this planet”
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Just a rant I wanted to get out. If you’re one of the people on social media who have a huge following and don the post or spread awareness of these issues and instead post dumb posts, just stop. You have a following and you influence others. You should be influencing others to stand up for these issues, not stupidity.

Spread Awareness, not Distractions

If you are on Commaful or any social media at all, just please make a post about George Floyd or literally any other victim of police brutality. Even making a post about the BLM movement would be appreciated. Spreading awareness about these kind of issues is extremely important, but instead you decide to ignore it and post idiotic things that distract people from the

real issue. You have a huge following and you can influence people. WHY ARE YOU NOT USING THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE TO SPREAD AWARENESS ABOUT INJUSTICE AND POLICE BRUTALITY? This may seem very harsh but I like to say it’s true. This post is mainly directed at people who have a VERY large following yet still don’t care.

Influence others to stand up for equality. You’re just distracting people. Use your platform to spread awareness, not just post stupid memes all the time. Stop staying silent. I’m sick of it.

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