🎉 Age Reveal and Q&A! 🎊
🎉 Age Reveal and Q&A! 🎊  q&a stories

vxnillamochi why do i even try
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In this post, I’m revealing my age and also announcing a special Q&A! Please comment your questions. Also I’d appreciate shouting this out so I can get more! Thank you.

🎉 Age Reveal and Q&A! 🎊

As promised, I shall reveal my age and do a special Q&A!

1. Age Reveal. Guess it one more time... Ok so, here it is:

If you thought I was 16...


you’re wrong, lol. It kinda flatters me how old some people think I am! I’m actually 12 years old. So yeah! That’s my age for you.

2. Q&A! Ask you’re questions for me in the comment section! I will not be answering them in a comment, though. Once I get some, I’ll make a post answering them. Remember that I will not be answering personal questions about my appearance, name, etc (unless if I decide to), so don’t be upset if I ignore your question! Please don’t let this post flop!

Thank you guys so much for the follows, I’m very grateful for all of you. Especially the people who followed me in the beginning when I just joined this place, and also the ones who encouraged me on my vents. You guys are so sweet. Thank you so much.

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