to heaven and back ♡ -a poem-
to heaven and back ♡
-a poem-  poetry stories

vxnillamochi i need a bad bleep uh addison rae
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a poem about love. several verses are inspired (one is just from a song)!

to heaven and back ♡ -a poem-

my mind drifts away, far off into the clouds above my thoughts free to wander and my spirit glides like a dove as i look up towards the sun, i bathe in it’s warming light i seemed to have reached the heavens, earth is no longer in sight. my feet now dangling as i float higher and higher

if i get close enough, i might hear the angels’ choir the gentle breeze blows my hair and my sweet arrival awaits butterflies flutter in my stomach as i arrive at heaven’s gates now, I’m in a world, a world where roses bloom, a place where angels sing, a world without gloom

as i brush my fingers against rose petals, i suddenly become subdue i’m no longer in heaven when you bid adieu it turns out, it’s just a dream but it’s already come true because that’s how i feel when i’m around you ♡

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