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vs we are the champions, my friends
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Trying something new by playing with alliteration in this one! In honor of #finalszn which is already underway for us quarter system folks. :(


It's finals season for us quarter system sufferers.

And you know what that means...

Procrastination: a phenomenon that persists in publics and privates alike.

Recognized but rarely reviled,

Often obligatory, but occasionally the opposite.

Clocks commence their countdowns to complex, confusing, cumulative exams.

Rigorous review and research rallies round up

An abysmal amount of amateurs.

Survivors seemingly scheduling study sessions but seriously

Taking out the trash and trying to tear their thoughts away from time.

Initiating ill-advised Instagram inspection,

Negotiating the need to navigate Netflix,

And airily avoiding the agony in the air;

Turning down the theory of tests tampering with

Excitement, enjoyment, entertainment, and everything else excellent.

That is, until the test scores come in.

And now, I must take my leave,

For I am one of these such students

Who has fallen, like the best of us,

To the tantalizing clutches of procrastination.

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