The life and times of a soul hunter

The life and times of a soul hunter hazbin hotel/ stories

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Who is Abaddon: What of it's intentions? Abaddon, the angel of the Abyss has come the Hazbin Hotel not exactly looking to be redeemed...

The life and times of a soul hunter

So, one hot day when the day was as hot as a hot dog, a stranger walk in the Hotel Hazbin.

This person was dressed as a black long ranger with a black wing hat that shadowed half the face, black jacket, black jeans and black boots.

As this person walked in, a black mist followed only to softly disappear into nothingness.

This person had a refine aura about it, maybe a cowboy but really elegant and polish.

The stranger walked to the reception that was at the moment abandoned, actually, there was no one around. The tall slim figure rang the bell and waited. No one in sight.

-Good...- whispered and was about to move to the back door when the main door burst open and two girls walked in discussing something.

Charlie and Vaggie walked right pass the stranger and pay no attention, they were heavily discussing matters about the Hotel

The stranger saw them pass by and snigger at them.

-So, you decided to come by- said Alastor as he paused next to the stranger and rested his arm on the reception desk -Where is he...-mumbled to himself looking at the empty post.

The stranger giggled and without looking at Alastor answered: -I am just passing by from an errand, but...

-the person turned only the head slowly towards Alastor like and owl -If you are around I can always stay for a little longer...

- the whole body followed and they both stare at each other smiling in that weird, very ample, Joker smile.

-Hello...-said Charlie finally realizing the company and coming by -Hi, my name is Charlie, welcome...

- her words somehow felt to the floor as the stranger made no move to greet her, Charlie looked at Alastor nervously for reassurance but, he didn't move either.

For a moment it felt like Alastor and the new character where measuring each other, but no matter, Charlie stood her ground and waited there for an awkward moment feeling unnerve.

The stranger finally turned the eyes towards Charlie over the shoulder, and resting both elbows with the back at the reception answered simply -Nice to meet you...

- in a hollow voice, like Alastor, the smile never went away

Vaggie felt a strange icy jolt at her back, it made her hair stand on end, but even though it alarmed her it also created mix feelings: curiosity, wonder, somehow.

At that very moment, that person looked directly at her from under the hat, one icy eye looked at Vaggie from the deep black eye socket without fading the smile

Vaggie felt goosebumps and quickly deviated her attention to a nearby pot with a death plant in it.

-Charlie...-continued Alastor -Let me introduce you to...- In that very moment the main door burst open again and Husk came in followed by Angel Dust

-Is this how is going to be? - said Husk all irritated as he stomped in

-Oh come on Husk! Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it...- answered AD from the frame of the door acting like a drama queen

-Shut up! Don't make it sound like we were together...cause we're not...

- and he felt silent when he turned around and found Alastor at the empty reception looking at him all displeased, still with a smile... a stranger was beside him -a client...

- he thought and he sighed and walked back to the reception like a prisoner to the scaffold,

his back hunched and his eyes on the floor mumbling something without really noticing who the stranger was.

Meanwhile, as Angel Dust stepped in, the eyes of the stranger caught sight of him and gleamed, this person them grinned.

Alastor caught sight of the whole thing and smiled pleased and then gave a reprimanded look to the slapped dog who has finally reached the reception.

-So, have you found something worthy of your time? - said Alastor going back to the stranger. This person snorted and hided the face under the shadow of the hat.

-Husk... Angel, did you both bring the...- started Charlie to ask when was abruptly interrupted by Angel Dust.

-Alastor! You are here today...with a friend or ...

client!! Look Charlie a client- said AD happily skipping his way to Alastor' side and presenting the person that was obviously standing there for a while now.

The stranger merely looked at him under the hat with a draw smile but said nothing, this for some reason put AD on his ends and he instinctively draw back.

There was something with this person, he could feel it, all his being tingled when the stranger scanned him with those glowing icy eyes.

-Yes Angel, Alastor was about to introduce... - tried Charlie to get the conversation back on track but nor Angel Dust or Husk were paying attention now.

Husk was mumbling something while fixing a beverage. AD was dumbfound looking worriedly at the stranger, and there was Alastor that for some reason seemed to be enjoying the moment.

-Say Alastor...

Who is your little friend?

- said the stranger with a smirk at AD approaching Alastor half hugging him like going in for a kiss, which he didn't refuse but allow by letting this person fully approach his body.

-¿Una regalada? - (yes, in clear Spanish) continued the stranger in a condescending tone.

Husk giggled while Vaggie immediately burst into laugh but quickly stop on her tracks as she realized she was being too loud. The stranger half smiled at her again, Vaggie blushed.

Alastor grab the stranger by the hips and they both rubbed each other, Alastor parted his lips like going for that kiss and so did the stranger but this person lazily pulled away last minute.

She then walked away to the middle of the room, every eye on her.

AD and Husk where feeling kind of disrupted as Alastor looked satisfied, Vaggie was red on the face while Charlie was just amazed by this person presences, it reminds her of her mother's...

the way she sways around the room attracting everyone's admiration.

-Uhum!- Alastor cleared his throat - let me introduce you to her...- said Alastor and walked towards her pulling his microphone out and doing a short curtsy -Abaddon...The Dark Siren...-

-The Dark Siren! - said Vaggie and AD at the same time in awe

-The Dark Siren? - repeated Charlie blankly. Husk's jaw felt open

-Hah! Impossible...- puffed AD -The Dark Siren would never waste her time in a place like this -

Both Alastor and the figure exchanged looks with smirks, then the tall figured walked towards AD, it changed aspect as she walked revealing a lady underneath in a black, slimming gown.

She floated to AD with defiant smile and combing his hair said -She will for the correct commission...- and winked at him letting her hand caress his cheek as she walked pass.

-Show me to my room- she coldly said to Husk who immediately took some keys and walked to her like a puppy bringing flippers, then they both walked out of the lobby,

but just before leaving through the door Abaddon looked back at them and said: -My audition is at six..- and disappear.

Angel Dust felt a mix of feelings rise up, angry, intrigued... excitement, jealousy which led him to complete confusion. He noticed his heart was beating madly.

He then looks at Alastor who was back at the counter sipping quietly a glass of Absinthe that Husk had prepared for him, acting like nothing was happening

-Audition! - suddenly said Vaggie with contained excitement

-So...Who is this...Dark Siren? - said Charlie going from the madly happy look on Vaggie to the astonished and somehow blush look on AD to the indifferent Alastor sipping his drink

-WHO IS DARK SIREN! Only the most exclusive singer ever.... So few people had the opportunity to hear her sing...

- snapped Vaggie who then run to Alastor -how do you know her? Are you friends with her? How are you friends with her? -

-Ok, ok, hold your horses there...- pushed Alastor away

-How is she famous if only so very few know her? - asked Charlie sincerely

-Because she is only famous on the underground.... - answered AD quietly

-She is a rumour...a fairy tale that only exist in rumours within rumours! - continued Vaggie excitedly -And you! You brought her here you sketchy, weirdo...

son of a gun! need to go now and see if she needs something...-continued Vaggie rampaging through her words disappearing after the same door with a mad smile and distorted eyes

-A fairy tale? - continued Charlie now at AD and Alastor looking more confused than ever

-It is said that...every time she sings the worlds revolves...- started AD to answer slowly

-Like you just hit hard on drugs...- finished Alastor

-That amazing huh? - said Charlie with half smile

-No, no, no...Is not only that- continued AD walking to her -It goes darker than that...-and grabbing Charlie by the shoulders said -People go ...-

-Are you scare? - interrupted Alastor who has just finished his drink and gave him a dark look

-Scare? Hah, if all...- AD rolled his eyes and hugged himself backing up from Charlie -Why did you bring her here anyway? -

- Let me clarify, I didn't bring her here, she said she was running some errands or something.

I just happened to know her...-Alastor mumble this last part under his breath and continued quickly- We need to fill this place up somehow, we cannot keep running on fumes, and she...

well -said Alastor walking all the way until he was facing AD -She has a knack for attracting.... people- he said with his smile a little faded away and blank eyes.

-For all that I know she might be our salvation...-

AD felt a jolt through his spin, Alastor was right, from that instant AD felt attracted to her, but he didn't want to admitted as he was also jealous of her.

She was part of that underground dream of his where only the cream of the cream dwelt and actors and singer where desire and admire by the powerful.

Even though he is a big deal now, he too wanted to be the rumour of a rumour, to move in higher circles, wanted and desire.

To be continued...

Next chapter: Live a little

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