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Abaddon's first performance for The hazbin Hotel. What would they see and heard?
The angel of the Abyss have come to the Hazbin Hotel not exactly looking for redemption

Live a little

By VRitze

"Welcome to your life There's no turning back Even while we sleep We will find you"

The lobby was so quiet when she walked in and climb the platform in a flowing black gown with a see-through cape made of starts and a white hat wing sitting neatly over

her curly black hair shadowing again half her face.

The group was crowdedly seated around a small round table looking attentively at her.

She positioned herself in front of the microphone and smile, suddenly the whole lobby became a beautiful function venue decorate in an Art Deco style with gold palm trees and railings,

comfy velvet chairs arrange around giant white tables, but no other people except the 5 lonely souls still crammed in that little centre table.

She approached the microphone, the air changed, it became chilly and the atmosphere filled with subtle spores of light, her breath hit the mic as she slowly started to sing a dense slow, soft song...

"Acting on your best behaviour Turn your back on mother nature... Of freedom and of pleasure Nothing ever lasts forever..."

There was something suffocating in the feeling of the music, everybody's eyes dilatated as she sang and stretched her arms towards them inviting them to join that lonely, dark lullaby.

"Everybody wants to rule the world"...

Then, as the climax of the song started the room suddenly fill with shadows in every corner of the room, the shadows open their eyes and where suddenly moving along with the tune,

they seem to be talking and laughing, enjoying, like they have been always there.

A rush of wind came in from behind the group and as everybody turn around, they saw Abaddon who happened to open this giant double door and smiled back at them,

now inviting them to follow...then a blinding light fill the room, and they saw:

-Vaggie saw, a world where she wanted to be with Charlie, where Charlie's dreams where coming true

-Husk saw the game, the wins all the booze he could hold as he wore fashionable clothes surrounded by ladies

-AD saw himself be adore and admire... men and women throwing themselves at him wanting him madly

And Charlie, Charlie saw a world she has never know, where everybody looked so different as to what she has ever see. They were friendly to each other, smiley and polite.

No trickeries or ulterior intentions just enjoying each other's company.

"Everybody wants to rule the world"...

Then Abaddon appear before them and hold a hand to them...

"Everybody wants to rule the world"...

Her eyes fix on their eyes, smiling so warmly. Each of them, without knowing extended their hands at her...Nothing ever lasts forever..."

Like a hex, their minds drawn in those worlds that were unfolding before them, were they felt they definitively belong.

It was just a matter of taking that hand that was reaching out and those worlds would be theirs.

Charlie could feel the tip of her fingers touching hers lightly, but then, the light in the world seem to be suck out and a hard darkness felt.

A hand grabbed Abaddon's wrist firmly and the illusion vanished like smoked in the wind

Standing next to Abaddon, Charlie saw Alastor with a serious face, looking grimly at Abaddon who happened to be looking sadly at Charlie and over Charlie' AD

"Everybody wants to rule the world"...

The song ended in a quiet echo as the music band also diluted in the air.

Alastor still holding Abaddon's wrist, slowly smile back again and lifting her hand up to his lips he kissed it deeply,

he them look at her quite sadly (even though his smile was still there) and ask whit a husky voice -Can we talk?- directing her by the hand to the back door.

Abaddon let herself be led out of the room not without looking back briefly at Charlie who's tears where falling freely without her ever realising, she wasn't the only one.

Abaddon gave a long stare at AD as well.

AD felt like he was waking up to something, he looked around to find a deeply concern Husk by his side, an excited Vaggie and a down in dumps Charlie, then he felt something wet on his cheeks.

He rubbed it and found a clear watery stuff coming out his eyes, he kind of freak out for a moment.

When was the last time he actually cried? not because acting or to get out of some sort of trouble but, really, truly?

Again, that tingly sensation bolted trough his spin at the same time admiration and jealousy.

A thought jumped to his mind, it was at high risk bet, then he noticed that his hands were trembling, his heart was racing. He stepped back and huge himself.

-That was AWESOME!! -exploded Vaggie breaking the stillness in the room and then felt silent when she saw Charlie crying.

She was about to reach at her but, Charlie realising covered her face and run to her room.

Husk grunted and walked out. Vaggie then looked confuse at AD, he just gave her a gloomy look and also went on his way.

-What? Guys...that was awesome...Wasn't it? - echoed Vaggie's voice in the now empty lobby

-You did this on purpose! - roared Alastor as he pushed Abaddon to the wall and pin her between his arms. She laughed with scorn -C'mon...

it was just a little fun- and push him back extending her hands over his chest. He then quickly grabs her by the arm and dragged her to him, he rested his forehead in hers and closed his eyes

-You came for me? - answered him with some kind of a pain tone in his voice. Abaddon then raised her arms and pass her fingers through his hair taking him fully, embracing him

A distant music started to play, barely in the air. Two dark silhouettes stand in front each other.

-You know you are my most precious prize...- she whispered in his ear.

The less tall shadow gently directed the tall one to sit in a comfortable, big armchair just behind him.

The tall one followed quietly and sat while the first one climbed on top of him and starts to caress him and kiss him softly everywhere except his lips.

"I liked, Having hurt, So send the pain below, Where I need it. You used to beg me, To take, Care of things,

And smile at the thoughts, Of me failing. But long before having hurt I'd send the pain below I'd send the pain below"...

Alsator's ears flickered and suddenly cupped forward as he listens intently at the back of his mind...

"You used to run me away, All while laughing, Then cry about that fact, Til my returns.

But long before, Having hurt, I'll send the pain below, I'll send the pain below...¨

-SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP! - He exploded and pushed Abaddon to the floor. She felt but vanished like mist

-Make a wish? -heard Alastor like a whispered from behind him. He then stands ups and makes his staff appear and turning around pointed to the source of the voice in the shadows behind him.

Abaddon walked to the light pressing the wand with her breast with a resolve look and smiled. Alastor eyes became cold and murderous, but he suddenly stopped on his tracks

-Do what you want...

- he muttered darkly and, like recovering from a simple scratch, he went back to his usual voice and said happily -Well, this all have been fun and dandy but,

I have business to attend my dear...-And opening the door he gestured at her and said -See you at dinner...

my love!- (this last words with a white noise at the back) without any further ado walked away closing the door behind.

-Tsk!- She exclaimed while snapping her fingers and moved to the window. AD so happened to step out the Hotel at that very moment and look up at where she was.

The two of them stare at each other for a moment.

A honk sound and a car steer in beside AD. AD greeted the person and got in the car. Abaddon then smile as she sees him go -Time to make myself useful...-

To be continued...

Next chapter: Over the garden wall

A quick note from the author: All imagery use is found free over the internet. As the Hazbin Hotel is described as a musical I wanted to include a similar idea by writing lyrics from music that inspired me while writing this chapter along the story Thank you!

By order of appearance: - Everybody wants to rule the world by Lorde - Send the pain below by Chevelle

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