Am I a Lion or a Deer
Am I a Lion or a Deer poem stories

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A heartbreaking poem

Am I a Lion or a Deer

Am I a lion?

Or a deer?

Whatever she said

It made me fear

Doubt my own identity

Breaking the shield that I wear

Yeah! A lion doesn't take orders

And neither do I domineer

Makes sense doesn't it?

For how can a lioness mate with a deer

Calm versus nervous

Bumptious versus unpretentious

Queen to a servant

Nobility to a peasant

It's against the laws

Laws of the nature

For you can never defeat her!


Oh, I got soft

From her pleasure I got robbed

Forgetting the cruel laws of the nature

Yeah! I know I can't defeat her

Can't defeat her!

Who wants to defeat her?

I wanna evolve with her!

Isn't change the foremost law of the nature?

I love you oh my nature

I am your creature

Guide me to your treasure

I apologize for getting lost in her pleasure

No longer will I gape her

M gonna return you the favor


A lion or a wolf?

I only had two options offered to me

I chose wolf

Cause' being lion seemed silly

Underdog as I had written before

Gives me the adrenaline of fulfilling my fantasy

A fantasy that is never ending

Where winning after losing is the only motive

But, the time has come to evolve

Where not losing should be the priority

But, will I not miss that adrenaline?

I guess, mating with the lioness would keep that occupied!!!!!!

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