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Challenge: write a poem about the color of pain ***


For the

Hey loves!

I'm an awkward 16 year old girl with an overactive creative mind from which I turn imaginative films from my head into stories for you and for me. It's nice to meet you.

With love,

Vortex Dragon.

My eyes are dilated,

My throat is raw.

I couldn't scream anymore

For I lost my voice.

No one was listening,

I didn't want them to.

No one seemed to notice,

That was fine with me, too.

My whole world is blue,

An intimidating decent color.

I feel like I'm drowning,

A bait for the shark.

I couldn't swim,

My body is cold;

Sharp aches shot through my body,

From my head to my toe,

As if I'm being shocked.

I inhaled deeply

And whimper like a puppy.

Now all I see is gold,

A vibrant color.

A shade of a sunflower,

A bold contrast to my personality.

My lung hurt when I breath in again.

Panic coursed through me,

And so did more pain.

My heart thumped erratically,

A drum in my chest.

It felt too heavy as I saw red.

A painful twinge attacked my heart,

Like a knife trying to pull it out.

Tears flowed,

My dead eyes shone.

My cries were silent,

No noise came out.

I fell back on my bed,

Praying for strength.

I made it this far so why

Stop here?

Why loose this battle and

Be claimed a victim?

Why be claimed anything at all?

Loneliness filled my heart,

Along with peace.

I now see purple,

A lovely shade.

Something lifted,

A weight off my chest.

I could breathe again,

Less painfully for now.

That temporary feeling,

That emotion I dread;

Came back and settled in my brain.

I won't be ok,

I'll never be the same.

I come out as a survivor

With more scars in my heart.

I choose to conquer or to hide,

But my ultimate desire is to smile.

Smile freely, smile brightly.

Smile even when the rest of the world is broken.

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