ignorance is bliss
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vorfruede put my thoughts in a safe little place
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another love poem. seems i have a lot of those in my drafts these days.

ignorance is bliss

will you stay here and ignore the world with me? come inside and remove your heavy coat, made up of societal expectations. i do not carry that burden either. it does not shame you for me to see you without it, see the you that the coat hides underneath.

will you treasure the quiet with me? come sit down and take comfort in knowing this is a shared, mutual silence that does not need to be filled with empty sound. our conversation, communication is unspoken. we feel the same; i know it. i know you would say if otherwise.

will you love me simply because i exist? not because of my name, or the personas that the world knows me by but for simply being? pure love is illogical, i think. but not foolish. pure love does not need a reason to exist— it is given freely, generously, without ration. it is not always romantic.

and i have so much of it to give to you. will you take it?

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