Til The End

       Til The End  poetry stories

von latina poet|she/her
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A bit about growth

Til The End

Childhood dreams Like stars that glow Plastic neon stars on my walls She’s in space The galaxy Suns Moons A planet never looks so elegant

Every spring Flowers blossomed with her Mirroring her movements Different forms I spy Yellow tulips, red roses, purple Lillies The grass reaches to her Pulling her down into the mud Until she meets the bones and roaches

Winter fevers plagued her Raindrops crushed through the grass She met them 6 feet below No sun Only emptiness and darkness When life becomes toxic Darkness is your comfort

Jagged nails and messy hair Her mind pulses at what she knows Outside the dirt She’s met with the ravine Pulling her again Down Far below What she ever knew The unexpected becomes the expected Growth But upside down

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