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Keith has a hair kink. Lance likes to braid.



Lance had woken up in the castle in the middle of the artificial nights many times throughout their journeys.

On these occasions he would roam down to the lions, blanket in hand, and talk to red. Lance had a particularly disturbing nightmare, the remnants of which still flashed through his head.

Keith being torn to pieces. Pidge falling out of the castle, never to be found. Hunk hating him for simply being him. Lance shuddered and walked to red, placing a tan hand on her paw.

She purred awake, leaning her head down to let Lance into the cockpit. As he stepped inside, the purplish glow of the black lion caught his eye.

The large lion leaned down and opened its mouth and out walks


“Lance! Don’t scare me you ass. What are you doing down here so late?” Keith exclaimed.

Lance noticed the bags under Keith’s eyes and the fright he had given him.

Keith observed Lance for a moment. He and lance had recently begun dating, but hadn’t yet gotten comfortable enough to sleep together.

“Lance? you want to come with me since neither of us can sleep?”

“Uh yeah sure babe, sorry for scaring you. “

Lance left red’s side and began to walk in tandem with Keith.

“Hey Keith I had some fucked up dreams. My sisters used to let me braid their hair when I was anxious. Do you think I could.....”

“Sure Lance, if that helps you. Just don’t pull, I’m tender headed ”

Lance and Keith slowly made their way up to the throne room of the castle. Lance sat down on the throne, Keith positioned himself on the floor in front of him.

Lance slowly moves his hands through Keith’s hair, carefully detangling, being extra careful not to pull his boyfriends hair.

He finds a particularly large knot, and his hand gets stuck in Keith’s hair, accidentally pulling his head back.

Keith stood up quickly, making a slight growling sound and rushed out of the room. Lance, confused and guilt filled runs after him, yelling apologies.

“Keith let me in your room, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Babe? Baaaabbbeeee”

Keith slowly opens the door, eyes blown and shirt removed.

“Uh Keith....are you sure you don’t....”




Lance slowly looks down to see an obvious sign that Keith was NOT tender headed. Or at least he didn’t mind it.

“Oh Keith. Babe. Let me help you...”

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