Why you should join a fandom

voidEllaJust another fangirl
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Why you should join a fandom

by voidElla


It's a big family and everyone can relate to you and understand you.

Teen Wolf

Funny amd Relatable not only to teenagers but for others aswell. Good motivation quotes throughout the show.


Learn many things like history,religion and other facts. Plus it's funny!

The walking Dead

Great for those suspense lovers.

The Flash

For those superhero fans.


Funny and for the crime solving lovers.

Never Alone

You can share your thoughts and feelings with other fans and they will be there for you.

No discrimination.

A fandom is a big family that will welcome you with open arms no matter who you are.

Go ahead and join a fandom today!

You'll enjoy it! Go out there and join a fandom of a book, movie, or show etc.

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ivoryannaliseWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
a year agoReply
@voidElla Great! I'll have to get around to reading them! I love technology that is different from ours. :) It's fine! We all have lives off of the internet.

voidEllaJust another fangirl
a year agoReply
@ivoryannalise Yes, I totally recommend them. They're like an escape from reality, and the technology they talk about is amazing. *Sorry for answering so late.

therinamartinsWriter and Friend
a year agoReply
I'm a big fan of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and the whole series. By the way, if you ever need any help, whatsoever, don't hesitate in contacting me, yeah? I'll be very glad to be at your service! Just find me one Twitter and DM me.

ivoryannaliseWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
a year agoReply
Oo! I love Legend! I haven't gotten around to reading the Uglies or the Maze Runner yet. Do you recommend them?

voidEllaJust another fangirl
a year agoReply
@ivoryannalise Well I'm not in some really huge fandoms but I'm in the Uglies series fandom, Legend by Marie Lu, and I just started the maze runner. And the biggest one is Harry Potter.

ivoryannaliseWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
a year agoReply
@voidella This is great! I really like it. :) Are you apart of any book fandoms?

voidEllaJust another fangirl
a year agoReply
@sydney My very first fandom was Teen Wolf.

a year agoReply
@sydney : tbh i dont entirely know how they end that much bc i tend to avoid them on tumblr / i've never been in one to begin with (i only know of / have seen a few without participating in them / being interested enough to follow the arguments to find out the outcome). i can imagine that it p is an endless fight for all those involved lol

noveltiesFind me on Wattpad: @RealisticWriting
a year agoReply
i'm a part of a ton of book fandoms. let's just say i've caused a lot of fandom wars as well.

sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
@vivian how do those usually end? seems like an endless fight haha