Learning to Love
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waters of the purple monsoon run fast, as roses in wind and an

Learning to Love

waters of the purple monsoon

run fast, as roses in wind and an

endless stream of cookies and cream.

yet, sweet and delicate are the lips

of an untamed benevolence that

radiates from the reckless passion of a

dazzling dance between rain and fire.

eyes, like humble gateways to the

depths of my boundless sea -

a glimpse into the weary hope of

my hollow coves, but still, a hope;

to be more of the man i dared not be.

and while all i ever learnt from love

was to love, you are the redeeming tear

of the clouds; the scorching strength of

the world. you are language made clear,

clarity after pain, and my daydream

destination. you are the peace of wild

moons, the ferocious capacity of dauntless

trees, and the melody that intertwines like

spiralling honey glistening with an incredibly

stunning beauty that fills the cracks in my skin

and satiates the thirst of a void that is

my empty heart. you are the glitter of

the fairies, the queen of strawberries.

and for the love and life of me, the spark

to my dying sun, my fresh inferno on the run.


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