The end of the game
The end of the game stories

vocaloidhyu4uhhh.... yeah.
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About the feelings i got after being left alone, a bit depressing.
Any criticism is welcomed;) tell me your honest opinions ^~^

The end of the game

by vocaloidhyu4 [a not-very-talented poetry writer... :)) ]

I'm crying for help. Nobody cares, nobody notices...

Grapping the grass... Pulling it off, instead of my hair.

Day after day... But I can't find another way.

So I'm running away...! But you're not even chasing me some part of the way...

And now I'm wondering aimlessly in the world. No where to hide, no where to go..

Searching for a reason to give up as my aim. Soon, i will end this game...

The life in this world are destroying, And moving forward is too exhausting...

I belong nowhere, left alone in the corner...

One more option left for life... I'll destroy it all. So I won't be lonely anymore.

But it's not the end of the world... IT'S THE END OF ME.

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