Steven Universe AU - Spinel Guard AU - Chapter 1
Steven Universe AU - Spinel Guard AU - Chapter 1 stevenuniverse stories

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What if spinel's where like quartz soldiers?

Steven Universe AU - Spinel Guard AU - Chapter 1

"And...we're...." The warp pad stopped as they landed. Steven t-posed as they landed, as he does. "Here!" He said happily. He skipped off the warp pad as the gems got off.

"Things have been really strange ever since Lapis left.." Pearl murmured, crossing her arms. "We need to be careful, we have to make sure that no foreign gems get here and harm us...or Steven.

" She said, looking at Steven at that last bit. He was sitting on the ledge of his bed, playing on his GameCube Animal Crossing: Population Growing. "I think Steven likes the game I got him.

" Amethyst observed, trying to lighten the mood. "Not now Amethyst." Pearl paused, to look at Steven, then the night sky out the window. "I just hope nothing bad happens.." Pearl said, worried.

"We should go to our rooms." Garnet said, pointing at the door behind her with her thumb. "Yeah, we should." Pearl sighed. They walked over to their gem-activated rooms.

Steven stayed up playing until 3:00AM. Still full of energy, Steven walked out to see Lion on the porch. He looked up but saw something hurdling towards earth. Something turquoise...

He rushed back in and knocked on the gems door. "GUYS! GUYS! SOMETHINGS HEADING TOWARDS US!" He squealed, scared. Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst came out of the door in order.

"We know! Lets go!" Garnet instructed. They ran outside, and saw a turquoise hand out on the beach. They ran infront of it, and then a slanted platform fell down onto the sand.

A pink gem with a heart on her chest, pink skin, and pink ponytails. She looked cold, serious, deadly. But cute and bubbly at once. "I heard rose quartz was here...." She started. She walked down the platform, her hand behind her back. "Ah yes, the one who murdered HER." Her eyes glinted. "Lets"

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