The Ghosts of Past
The Ghosts of Past poem stories

vlravenscroftExplorer of the odd and the beautiful
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An old poem dating back to my high school days when I was dealing with bullying on a daily basis. It's very bleak.

The Ghosts of Past

by vlravenscroft

As the clock's ticks remember time My memory's forgetting mine

I wish I could make it tick back And fill a lot of what I lack.

A time when looks did not matter A time when pain was a stranger

When problems were to solve later And princesses lived forever.

A time of joy and love and truth A path that slipped out of my route

When trust and chance were given all And innocence, could I recall?

Night's smoky arms wrapped around me As demons burn my destiny

A shadow passes on the moon The Ghosts of Past reveal a tomb.

The death of soul, the cruelty wants I wish I could tell my loved ones My grave's open and I'm sorry For what my Ghosts have made of me.

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