Myrddin's Forest
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vlravenscroftExplorer of the odd and the beautiful
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Lyrics I wrote for a song I composed for myself this time (yes, I sing too). It was written for Paimpont forest (thought to be Brocéliande, Merlin's forest) when the French government was planning on tearing it down a while ago. Hope you like it! :)

Myrddin's Forest

by vlravenscroft

"Wanna hear a story?"

"Once upon a night Near the forest of Broken Land Lived a beautiful maiden."

"As she wandered between the trees A shadow behind her sneaked 'Who's there?,' said she."

Might such a beauty Be the one, the one of a fairy, said the man Please, shelter me In your heart, my fair lady

Pilgrim, enter my land If you do not fear the magic of a woman Pilgrim, take my hand Woods know me as Lady Vivien "Please, tell me your name..."

Call me Myrddin And I'm your humble servant, said the man And they sat near the fountain And they talked 'til morning

Myrddin, you've entered my land But you did not show what hides in your hand Merlin, wizard, Devil's son, I do not fear you Show me your magic, servant

Myrddin, for months we have trained You taught me all, but how to keep a man Merlin, I beg you, my friend Teach it to me, and I'll love you till the end

Her thoughts he knew But he showed how this trick to do And one night, as he slept, this magic she used And he sleeps now in the heart of a yew

'Twas the love that hasted his end And he now rests in a legend But I hear the trees whisper her name The long lost love of Myrddin

"Myrddin's forest, let it live For it has to tell the story. Myrddin's forest, let it live For her return, Myrddin's lady."

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