Erin's Song
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vlravenscroftExplorer of the odd and the beautiful
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A song I composed for my own singing career (which I never pursued). It's a peaceful, melodic song inspired by the green hills of Ireland.

(For those of you who wonder, Erin and Eire are names sometimes given to Ireland.)

Erin's Song

by vlravenscroft

The wind speaks of green violins Playing the melody of Erin In every pond and every tree Shine your past and your glorious beauty

(Chorus) In the eyes of the angels Glows the jade of your land In your heart of emerald Lives the Mother Legend Trap me in your green memory Sweet, ancient, Celtic Erin

Oceans whisper myths of monsters And proud men defying waters In every new and old poem I hear melodies of Erin

Celtic heir Poet's Eire My heart's lair (Chorus)

My heart belongs to you Sweet Erin, take me away In your green paradise, lead me home Father Shepherd, bring me home (x3)

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