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Or so I'd hoped it to be.

Typical Love Story

by vlegend

There were two strangers.

One stranger grew a crush on the other.

They became acquaintances, but nothing else was said.

Naturally, time moved forward and the two became friends.

The two friends talked a lot and got closer to each other.

Eventually, the two friends decided they wanted to be more.

They became lovers. They were happy.

Time passes. Happy times. Sad times. Good and bad times. Etc, etc.

More time passes. More sad times start coming by. Good times still happen, but not as much as the bad.

Many sad things started happening all at once. So much so that the lovers decided they shouldn't be lovers anymore.

That was that and they became exes.

The exes wanted to try to stay friends.

It didn't work. So the two exes drift apart.

They don't talk. They don't see each other. The only space they're friends in is the digital world.

The two exes almost arrive full circle back to being strangers.

Now we're really left as acquaintances. Only seeing each other on random occasion. Or shared friends' events.

Still. We're acquaintances.

That's all we are. But here I am still thinking about you.

About what we wanted for each other. What we wanted together.

About what happened.

What could've been.

And now I'm left here wondering...

Maybe it would've been better if we stayed strangers.

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