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by vlegend

Sometimes, I feel like I'm an android playing through the motions of a regular human.

Day by day. Repeating the same things over and over.

Some days are spontaneous, but it still doesn't feel real.

Although, there are moments.

They go by as quick as they come.

For the moment, I realize that I'm alive. Where I remember that I'm an actual human being. Breathing and technically, living.

Those moments are bittersweet.

Those moments make me feel alive.

When it happened last, I could actually feel the sun nourishing my skin. It's funny to think about, but I felt like Superman being rejuvenated by the sun's rays.

But I know it won't last.

I get lost again and the motions flow over. And the android continues.

I forget that it even happened until I recall it the next time.

I wonder if that's what it means to feel alive.

I wonder if it'd feel the same if it were always like that.

Or if it'll become another place in the set of motions.

Oh well.

Now I just wonder when the next time I'll live.

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