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vladlishafai Community member
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Something I came up to while being a bit upset and thinking and looking at my kids jumping in the sea

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I've always wished you all were light and joyful,

As happy children in a sunny azure breeze.

I hardly bear ones who are anxious, stressed and heavy.

Means I should also get some rest and go with ease.

And what is rest, and where is ease and who is happy...

It's everything, and everywhere and us.

We're dollar-foolish in what seems to be important

And in all stupid things, we're always pennywise.

Tech companies stock market sells my hours,

My skin and blindfold thicken peel after peel,

You get a wheel and loose a bit of traction,

Feel something new or simply at least feel.


The most important person to discover

Will be another you, jumping with a splash.

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