Bath Date...... -Vk
Bath Date......

-Vk bath stories

vkpoetryI say i got heaven, i say i am Devil
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I was going through my archives and found this. Wrote after i had a bath date with oneof my wildest girlfriend. I hope you enjoy this ;-)

Bath Date...... -Vk

Mixed up feelings, shyness and lusty charm,

Like the water in here, not cold not warm.

In middle of this we stand, you excite from the clue,

As you see me decorating bathtub, coz today this is "table for two".

Rose petals on the water surface, two glass one wine bottle ready,

Fire is burning my insides i just want you bad, only i know how i'm keeping myself steady.

"Self service" you say, so i drop my clothes while i slide in,

Typical girl you want it but won't show it, go with flow babe, swallow your pride in.

I sit tight and relaxed while i see the show, you let it loose from the shoulders,

See it slipping down fast from your silky skin, then you walk up close being bolder.

Enough space, so relax and loose yourself, feel comfortable and keep looking at me,

I see you going free, in the clouds, paradise, as you point your feet towards me.

Hold your glass, sip the nectar, raise your legs for your feet as i massage them,

You moan and smile in a way i want to see, as i touch, rub and kiss them.

And i see the pleasure in your eyes, as my hands climb slowly on your legs,

Goosebumps growing while you shake a bit, as for the touch, to me, your body begs.

So you want it, now you feel it, as change posture to be on the top side,

I feel you warmth, breathe your fragrance as we cuddle because tub ain't that wide.

My tongue is your soap, my hands your scrub, lemme clean you all over,

We wet and slippery already, yet i feel something wetter than water moreover.

Wine is over, but we just getting started, don't stop we don't need to wait,

Making Love on the very same spot, is what's gonna happen in this bath date........

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