Window pain..... -Vk
Window pain.....

-Vk new stories

vkLife changed so i changed the name...
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What i did wrong to fell for a girl who became escort of financial crisis. I promised her a good long life with me but she got me fucked up. I hate this Love thing....

Window pain..... -Vk

Sliding curtains letting in the sunshine, Orange sky, I bet time's before 9,

Tears you give as I pass a smile, I don't remember when I hurt you last in a while,

You sit on the couch, as far as close we were last night, Like we are just strangers, what's wrong babe I don't like this sight,

What you thinking just tell me, is it wrong if I promised will never leave you.. "Leave Now!!" shouting you throw my jacket I kept on cold night over shoulders of you,

And then my shoe, then the mug, I didn't expect that but a hug, From you for our new beginning, that just shattered like that glass jug,

You say I used you, say that I confused you, But I was straight no paragraphs, this is what you got when I said "I Love You"?

Try to hold your hand but you push me, Try to calm you down but you slap me,

Pick the box I kept on window pane, Throw that outside shouting "Fuck Marry Me!!",

Then what you thought will happen after so long? I stood next to you when world said you so wrong...

Our paths crossed, heart got checkmate, For once I thought you are my soul-mate,

You slept with others, I said that ain't your fate, But you left me instead saying that over you I wanna dominate...

Wanna be independent and I ain't letting you, You say I don't want to see you free that I'm forcing you,

But I forced only till you enjoyed, In the bed, yeah that passion, but reality was a void..

It's fine, alright, I will go where i came from, Nothing new for me, going all cold being so warm,

Front is your past in which there's no future, And to live in the present isn't your culture,

I thought you were mine but belonged to the world, Superficial rich world, where charms and bliss whirled,

But when this cyclone will settle down, Littered feels you will see, shiny things rusty brown,

And that time you will realize we could have been somebody, No matter how many strangers you brought to bed, cry once and there'll be nobody,

Only I listened your mourns in between your moans, Made you feel Loved, cared, when others had fun and left you alone,

I wasn't like them, you thought about me like that, so I am, But the day your heart will beat, you will search for me where I am?

Sitting on window, same place where i kept the ring, Keeping your phone closer, eyes on screen, ears waiting for the "Ping",

Hiding from the lusty world, behind the curtain, Then only you will find why that's called a Window Pain.......

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