What a fun.... -Vk
What a fun....

                                                               -Vk new stories

vkLife changed so i changed the name...
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Feeling lost for a while. No work, no nothing. Just some whiskey and smoke.

What a fun.... -Vk

Swimming to shore was i doing but got drowned,

Flying so high but was shot and got downed.

And on the ground i see cracks on skin like leather,

Blood all over, heart slow beating and plucking feathers.

"She will come"

"She will not"

Before i finish with them wings catch fire,

Brutal fire rising and i just admire.

Gave my hand in it but heart got burnt,

Same paths every time still lesson not learnt.

Her burning picture i'm chasing the ashes,

Running through streets where our past flashes.

One eye open, another closed,

My love story already disposed.

Shall i go punch her or should i kill myself,

Shall i throw her gifts or break frames on shelf.

Her memories make whiskey feel like water,

Fucking hit my blunt but no smoke coming after.

Sniffing powder lines but feel her fragrance,

Switch off the lights still feel her radiance.

Oh Holy Lord what game you created,

Leave them with own wish, still feel cheated.

Once they are gone ain't no gonna ask,

"They will come back", only line we bask.

Wandering all day, on shoulders with tonne,

It is just beginning, the time we think we done.

Oh Lord,

What a pain..

What a fun.....

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