So long! -Vk
So long!

                                                               -Vk liquid stories
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vk Writer at Warner Bros Music co.
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When i am sad, i am horny. And when i am horny, i need my drug, i need my liquid. Dedicated to the girl stronger than drugs, wetter than the liquor. 18+, little dirty too :-)

So long! -Vk

That lust with a love little,

That touch with a feel little,

Don't you dare stop kissing me,

Can't you see my lips being all brittle.

Oh i missed this tongue fight,

And your hot body, glowing gold in dim light.

Rub your buns on my front side,

While guessing dirty things on your back my fingers write.

Oh your smile, but damn your slimy tongue,

Oh your neck, and those boobs in them i'm sprung,

So long it's been, wrinkles on you and i got a chokey lung,

Tomorrow we might be old, but tonight we are still young.

I'm drunkard, i'm addicted,

You the drug, you the liquid.

Bury me in you, run in my veins,

Bite me all over, leave those mind stains.

Truth is sex girl, tell me some love lies,

And i will be all yours, you be too wise.

Take my breath baby, give me your moans,

And i will go deep, deep to shake your bones.

Life's all dull slow, i like it rough and fast,

Everytime fuck you like this, like it's the last.

And you let me, why you let me please don't answer,

Started from days, i was lonely and you were a dancer.

Took you home and you still trusted me,

Banged you so hard, yet you adjusted me.

Leave that, lick me, on top ride me,

Bring those urges on, you already tried me.

You always new, unpredicted,

I can't leave you, i'm addicted,

Coz you are the drug,

You are the liquid.......

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