Many in Life..... -Vk
Many in Life.....

-Vk meeting stories

vk Life changed so i changed the name...
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Small Life, lots of people to meet to. They come from no where in our lives. Some stay, some go. But this is all so enjoyable. :-)

Many in Life..... -Vk

Many in Life you will be Meeting,

Some will hug, some say "Hi" just normal greeting.

Some chill out the stress in days you'll be heating,

Others make you confuse, you think "How bad they are treating?".

Some will show aesthetics, some will become animals while eating,

Some will go on floor, some will start dancing at their seating.

Some will pull you back, some will help you in completing,

Some will stay forever, some peep's company will be fleeting.

Someone will come in eyes, for them your heart will be beating,

You be loyal from every side, but somewhere deep they will be cheating,

Then tears go shed off, lying half dead in the sheeting,

But some will come to rescue, giving your life a new meaning.

Then the routine again begins, working, eating, partying, repeating,

Some companies are so bad, some companies are so pleasing.

Feeling alone as sun goes down, watching in silence the passing evening,

But don't be afraid,

It's life,

And many more in life you will be Meeting........

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