It's fine, alright.... V.Kausper
It's fine, alright....

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vkLife changed so i changed the name...
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Second poem inspired by a girl who lost her love in an accident, stayed with me for a while and went to claim her life back. Miss her sometimes, but it's fine, alright.... ;-)

It's fine, alright.... V.Kausper

It's fine, alright,

When you touch me and feel him,

When you kiss me and miss him,

Sure you know he won't be back,

But wanna win him back from death of him.

It's fine, alright,

Don't want to loose me but wanna find him,

Want to hug me but wanna cuddle him,

Still wearing his denim jacket too old,

In this world of fragrance just wanna smell him.

I wish he might come back,

As you stand on grave with his bag pack,

Weeping blood tears for the truth been told,

Leaving love letters by the side with fold,

It's fine, alright,

In the sunshine when you wear his hat,

Call me by his name but i'm okay with that,

Trying smiling again, girl take a big pat...

So what darkness surrounds, just hold my hand,

Time is bad i know but will fly like sand,

Keep walking miles there will be light,

But don't look back,

I swear,

It's fine, alright......

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