EggNOG!!! -Vk

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vk Writer at Warner Bros Music co.
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Tried to write something new and something funny. PLease have a look and tell me if i made you smile :-)

EggNOG!!! -Vk

Last night drank too much eggnog,

Hence this morning i'm out to jog,

Wanted to get laid but the chick was slog,

To burn the calories, but now gotta hop like frog,

5 am cool morning with a jist of fog,

But the smell ain't fresh i think it's smog,

And i smoke too, damn gonna get a clog,

Not even a mile and already i feel i got a flog,

Few minutes and i see the face of my analog,

Like its been hours coz i'm hot steaming like a fresh hotdog,

On way back i see a hot girl with her dog,

"Wanna hangout?", i say, but she made face angrier than her bulldog,

Before she does something i made myself befog,

Ran fast to my home like i'm Sonic, the hedgehog,

Pressure building i think my stomach got a backlog,

And i sit, me and the pot gonna have a dialogue,

Then that chick calls me, "Why you gone underdog!?"

I alas and say,




"Cause i drank too much eggnog...."

*Heavy Blasting Shitting Sounds*

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