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viviennets a mediocre, self-indulgent mess. enjoy.
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There was a rat in my room. It ate away at my shoes.
/// Heyoooo I'm back with a somewhat strange piece recounting the time there was an actual rodent in my room. I was like, what, elementary? Anyways, my days of daily posting are long gone but I'm trying to wiggle my fingers again and get to work. Hope y'all have a good day! Deuces.

Rat In My Room

There was a rat in my room.

It ate away at my shoes.

It kept me from going to places I choose because it was somewhere, just somewhere in my room.

I never saw it, it was a small bandit.

I just knew it was there, hiding in the corners.

It would steal my sleep.

I could hear it. Sometimes.

At night, it would squeak.

I sometimes wondered if it was trying to speak, but it mattered little to me.

The rat in my room was far from a friend.

I kept telling my parents to look for it. To get rid of it.

I wanted it to end.

They kept telling me it was not there.

The rat in my room did not exist.

I told them about my shoes.

I told them about the places I could no longer go to.

They showed me a pair and said: 'We see no damage here.'

There was a rat in my room. I know there was.

I heard it.

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