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viviennets a mediocre, self-indulgent mess. enjoy.
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It's not the best, but it is my best.
for yesterday's prompt 'failure'

I'm a pretty big supporter of "mediocre." I really think mediocre work is work worth celebrating! It means somebody tried their best. Heck, I know I do, and even then - my best is not the best, but that's okay.

I'm not trying to be the best, I'm only trying to be better.

I’ve done my best.

It’s not the best,

but it is my best.

There are many who can outdo me,

but I’m happy just outdoing myself.

I don’t mind if others are better than I am,

so long as I am better than I was.

I don’t mind if people say the D from today indicates failure,

because it’s still better than the D- from the week prior.

It’s not the best,

but it is my best.

It’s a failure to others, but as little as it is,

I call it progress.

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