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viviennets a mediocre, self-indulgent mess. enjoy.
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Man, I am a bitch.

An old and messy piece from like, way back last year.

Just a quick note, in case some don't catch the message - this is my response to the situation I was once put it. It's not at all 'bitchy' for not reciprocation romantic efforts especially when you are in a place where it is difficult. Even if you're not in a difficult place, you are never obligated to return anybody's romantic feelings.

The same goes the other way! Nobody holds an obligation to you when you perform any type of romantic gesture, especially if they didn't ask for it in the first place.

Both sides could do with some understanding and communication. Just be nice to each other y'all.

Look, I'm a bitch.

I really am a bitch – hear me out.

I'm that character in every romance story, novel, movie - what have you- that everybody hates,

because no matter how much effort the protagonist puts in,

she never reciprocates.

Everything the 'good guy' does is praised, while every single one of my faults is put on, raised to be examined like they’re some boggling mystery whose mere existence should be questioned and studied.

You can't blame people for loving the good guy,

but it sucks when you're the "bad guy.”

You end up asking the same why and why's.

Why does all the blame fall on me?

Why can't I just appreciate all the effort?

Why can't people just let things be?

Why do I make the protagonist hurt?

Well, as every romance novel's answered;

it's because I'm a bitch.

I'm a bitch for not catching what is thrown at me, for not giving back what is given.

For not giving the beloved protagonist a chance,

even if I have no chances to give.

That girl everybody hates always has a scene where she tells the protagonist to stop chasing her,

to stop running after someone who would only make him hurt.

Then people paint off the scene as though she's just a bitch, that she just doesn't appreciate the all battles the protagonist fought–

for her.

It was all for her, the protagonist would say.

All his sacrifices and sleepless nights,

all for her.

Do you blame her for the pain he endured, when after all this time,

she's told him to stop in his tracks and run after some other girl?

Time and time again, she's made herself clear,

Don't run after me, I don't want to be chased.

Stop trying to find me, I don't want to be found.

Yet– he still tries,

and the audience applauds the protagonist's perseverance.

And I stand here, just thinking;


I am a bitch.

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