Warriors Couples Counseling
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Episode 2 of Warriors Couples Counseling! Love y’all tons! <3

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Warriors Couples Counseling

by Pixeleve

A/N: Heyyy everybody! I'm back and better than ever! So, this is my new account, Vividstorm, and for those who don't know me, I'm Avidflame's second account.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own warriors but I wish I did! <3

Poppytail woke angrily as a paw prodded her side. "What In the Dark Forest-" "StarClan." Sparkflower corrected. Poppytail rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Hey, where is my coffee?" She grumbled.

The orange she-cat sighed as she watched her friend fumble around. "I haven't made it yet. Obviously." With a hiss, Poppytail jumped at the green eyed she-cat, tail lashing.

"Poppy- GET OFF OF ME! I JUST GROOMED MY PELT, YOU IGNORANT FUR-BALL!" Sparkflower battered at the younger she-cat, leaving marks and spattered blood on the walls.

When Sparkflower finally managed to throw Poppytail off of her, she looked around distastefully. "Man, this place is a mess. You REALLY need a maid around here." Poppytail smirked.

"Oh I already have that covered." She waved a paw dismissively as the doorbell rings, sending the song Royals blasting through the apartment.

Sparkflower leaped to her feet and ran to the door, avoiding a bookshelf that looked like it was a million years old and about to fall over.

She yanked open the door, leaving Poppytail to whine about not having coffee.

A/N: So, for some reason, my Avidflame account was NOT letting me post, no matter how freaking hard I tried. So, I created a whole NEW account: VVVVVVIVIDSTOOOOORM! Love ya bunches! - Vividstorm <3

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