top ten things to experience at robotics competitions
top ten things to experience at robotics competitions stories

viviandon't regret, or at least try not to.
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all of these are true, and hilariously so.

top ten things to experience at robotics competitions

by vivian

10. passing out on the bleachers from exhaustion

there's a guy on my team who kept falling asleep in the stands. someone almost stepped on him.

9. watching people get hit on with robot pick-up lines

see my other story about robot pickup lines, but here's that infamous one: "what's your team number?" .. "no, i mean what's *your* number?"

8. waiting until the end of the event to get food half off

why buy pizza for $2 when you can get it for $1? just sit through lunch and be hungry for a little bit longer. hey, we're broke students!

7. being handed some puns in the robot pits

and they were pretty tearable. *rips off some puns on said paper*

6. being banned from dancing to the *awful* music

my coach said that he'd quit the team if we ever won the spirit award (aka the team who's most enthusiastic), so our team' sits there and judge other teams (but we lowkey want to dance).

5. winning an award

nothing's quite like as having your whole team of 25+ people line up and high-five 10 judges in a row, then posing for a giant group picture at the end. some teams have selfie sticks.

4. being rickrolled multiple times at one event

at least there are like 600+ people in the gymnasium at a district event, and even more at regionals or world championships. at least i wasn't alone.

3. taking selfies w the robo-squad

our arms just aren't long enough for that oscar selfie... we need a selfie stick, but we (sadly) don't have one. (and yes, we actually call ourselves the robo-squad).

2. watching robots flip over in matches

it's awful when it's your own that flips, but it's hilarious when it's another team's robot. triple tortuga anyone?

1. feeling your heart race and screaming your lungs out

whether your team wins a match or the entire event, it's still nerve-wracking to watch your robot compete - you had a hand in creating it, after all. nerds can scream pretty loudly, too.

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