robotics competition pick-up lines
robotics competition pick-up lines robots stories

viviandon't regret, or at least try not to.
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just a sampling of some i've witnessed.

robotics competition pick-up lines

by vivian

you have a nice robutt.

get it, robot, robutt? ro-butt? ok, so nobody's ever used this to my knowledge, but i think it'd make a pretty good pick-up line. just saying.

what's your team number? no, i mean what's *your* number?

in FIRST robotics, each team is assigned a number and it roughly correlates to how old the team is. a girl on my team got hit on w this line, so it's p legit.

can i have your IP number? i seem to have lost mine.

classic. (but personal wifi routers are banned at FRC, lest a team interfere with another team's robot-to-driver communications or something like that during matches.)

i need to *pick-up* my game. want to help me?

sorry, bad pun. i'll stop now. i've not been hit on with any of these pick-up lines but they'e pretty cheesy. i'm not sure if i'd laugh or if i'd be stunned if someone said them to me.

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